UNAMA Gives out Numbers of This Year's Afghanistan War Casualties

August 18, 2019

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delegated authority charged with the work of supervising Afghanistan.

After over a decade and a half of operation, UNAMA still doesn't show any signs of wanting to volunteer its victim's names, ages, occupations or other personal details. However its reports through the end of July summarized casualty statistics at 5,312 for the year. It is well known that air strikes and ground operations by NATO forces have resulted in many atrocities, including the killing and wounding of large numbers of minors.

These are casualties of a war that was launched by the U.S. and the UK to drive the Taliban from power in 2001.

Despite the UN's many declarations and resolutions condemning the violation of the sovereignty of countries as a breach of international law and a crime against humanity, despite recognizing the right of oppressed people to rise in struggle using such means as they deem necessary to secure their sovereign rights, despite outlawing the institution of permanent changes of any kind to the political and social system of countries under occupation by a foreign military power, the UNSC made an exception and new model of Afghanistan. This new model was later extended to Haiti, Iraq and Libya. Under the slogan of “nation-building,” the UNSC powers resuscitated the declining “Mandate” system and took on a more active role of legitimizing colonialism.

The so-called “civilizing mission” of the UNAMA in Afghanistan is to provide stewardship in the creation of a new Afghanistan built according to the “universal values” of “open world markets,” “free trade,” and “the development of the private sector.” This not only batters down barriers to the export of capital to Afghanistan, but also enables several of the UNSC powers to begin steps to regain possession of their former position as “mentors” and “advisors” of countries they paint as “unqualified for independence.”

As people witnessed the brutal methods of the UNSC and NATO in Afghanistan, they began from the first moments of the war to ask the question: “What are the real aims of the U.S. war and occupation?” “What are the real aims of the U.S. foreign policy?” The answer to this question has been found by looking at the roots of aggression in the imperialist system and its nonstop drive for profits and empire. For its part, the American proletariat has never sanctioned the brutal method of authorizing their government to launch aggression against another state, to undermine the entire edifice of equity and justice between sovereign states, to punish anyone without evidence and conviction, or to deny fundamental principles of respect for the sovereignty of a country with the pretext of establishing it.

Such a world economic system – which can only survive by militarizing the entire globe, spreading a network of U.S. bases throughout the world, and defending the law of the jungle – stands in opposition to everything that makes us human.

In Central Asia, the only alternative to the NATO war is an end to it and the entire UN project of wardship over the illegally appointed Afghan trustee class. So too, it means merging the various currents of the anti-war, anti-militarist movement into one mighty torrent by bringing out the generalized, geo-political character of the entire so-called “war against international terorism.”