U.S. State Department Spokesperson Voices Full Support for Israeli Occupation and Aggression

July 14, 2014

According to U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki in a press conference on July 10, Israel's war against the whole Palestinian people is justified in the name of "fighting terrorism."

According to Psaki, when Israel uses bomber jets and helicopter gunships to bomb houses, mosques and health clinics in Gaza, Israel is doing all it can "to prevent civilian casualties."

This fascist logic is completely consistent with the U.S. State Department's positions throughout John Kerry's widely advertised "peace process." Those positions include full support for Israeli expansionism and aggression (including the brutal blockade of the Gaza strip), support for the apartheid wall which Israel is building to grab yet more West Bank land, opposition to the Palestinian people's right to return, and open declarations that the U.S. has the right to pick the government and leaders of the Palestinian people.

Of course, as always, Israel is waging this war in the name of "cracking down on terrorism." Yet, it is not individual terrorists but the whole Palestinian people who are under attack.

With the full support of the U.S. State Department, Israeli leader Netanyahu has not only ordered repeated airstrikes against residents of Gaza, but also has repeatedly demanded that the Palestinian Authority round-up activists in the West Bank, smash up various popular organizations and institutions and suppress any resistance to Israeli occupation.

The barbarity of Israeli aggression demands a response from every person of conscience. In order to shoulder our responsibility, the American people must resolutely work to break the links between U.S. imperialism and the Israeli aggressors. We must demand the cutoff of all U.S. economic and military aid to Israel.