U.S. Pressure Against Iran

Reprinted from The Worker, newspaper of the Workers Party, USA, December 2, 2013

Despite being falsely advertised by political opportunism as an opponent of "war-hawks", President Obama is continuing to beat the drum for war against Iran. Obama brands Iran as an "outlaw" or "rogue" state even while continuing to defend and intensify U.S. imperialism's economic embargo against Iran. So too, the U.S. continues to prepare a "military deterrent" and to set up a web of alliances throughout the region so as to secure undivided hegemony.

Obama's talk of "peace" is nothing but a thin cover for war preparations. Most recently the U.S. initiated talks "to require Iran to prove the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and to ensure that it cannot acquire a nuclear weapon." U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted during a speech on November 24th, that a temporary new agreement reached with Iran is being welcomed by Obama because it "says that Iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement." In other words, he is telling us directly that the U.S. government wants the power to decide which countries can and which countries cannot acquire non-weapons nuclear technology!

Just as with Iraq, the U.S. is trying to create a hysteria about Iran and alleged "weapons of mass destruction," in order to bring about "regime change." Everyone knows that the real motives behind the U.S. policy of pressure, dictate and interference against Iran and other Middle Eastern states are the questions of oil and the domination of the strategic Middle East region. To achieve its aims, U.S. imperialism has targeted Iran and every other government in the region that either defends the national rights and sovereignty of its own people, or seeks to ally itself with one of U.S. imperialism's rivals.

The working class and progressive public opinion in the U.S. must not be caught unawares as the tensions and rivalries in the Middle East continue to grow. U.S. imperialism wants war in the Middle East because its insatiable appetite for the oil wealth of the region is continually coming up against more and more obstacles, including the liberation movements of the Middle Eastern peoples, the stands and interests of various governments in the region, and the conflicting ambitions of other imperialist powers.

It is the system of capitalist imperialism which breeds war and militarism. In the Middle East, driven by the insatiable appetite of the big U.S. oil monopolies, U.S. imperialism has militarized the entire region, violating the sovereignty of the Arab peoples, creating a permanent state of tension and the seeds of new wars. In fact, all over the globe, U.S. imperialism is preparing and carrying out military intervention and aggression. It adheres to the Hitlerite logic that "Might Makes Right."

But the war program of imperialism can be defeated when the people insert themselves into the equation and bring their program for peace to center stage. We must remain vigilant and fight every step of the way to stay the hands of the imperialist warmakers.

At the same time, the workers and people must unfold their own independent movement which demands a genuinely democratic foreign policy. Such a democratic foreign policy includes the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad and the end of all aggressive military alliances. Such a democratic foreign policy demands an end to interference and intervention in the sovereign affairs of other countries and recognizes the right of every nation and country to determine its affairs for itself.

The struggle for a democratic foreign policy is a struggle against the monopoly capitalist class and the imperialist system. The cause of peace can only be won and secured by the peoples.