U.S. Military Presence in Syria Used to Attack Host Country

May 22, 2017

Citing a zone agreement allowing the presence of U.S. troops in Syria, U.S. military leaders have instigated military actions without permission from Syrian heads of state.

On May 18, U.S. forces launched an outright attack on the Syrian military as it conducted its business. Several people on the Syrian side were killed.

No orders were given from the Syrian side to return fire.

The idea that the U.S. Centcom is carrying out operations in Syria for any reason other than to instigate conflict is one that could only be accepted on the basis of pure faith and active denial of the lessons of current experience.

For the American people, the demand for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria is part of the struggle for a Democratic Foreign Policy.

A democratic foreign policy must recognize the right of independent, sovereign nations to organize their societies as they see fit.

A democratic foreign policy demands an end to Big Power interference and intervention against sovereign nations, and the democratization of international relations on the basis of recognizing the inviolable right of every nation to determine its own affairs. Every nation must be recognized as equal.

The program for a Democratic Foreign Policy includes the demands for the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops abroad, the withdrawal of the U.S. from all aggressive military pacts and alliances, such as NATO, an end to the militarization of U.S. society and an end to U.S. interference and intervention against other countries in any form – economic, diplomatic, political, military, or the like.