U.S. Military Offensive in Iraq

March 27, 2017

For the past month U.S. imperialism has carried out the latest phase of a large assault on the Iraqi city of Mosul. Reports described helicopter rocket fire, heavy gunfire and mortar blasts in districts near the Nuri mosque. In the past week U.S. forces have tried to seal off a main road in order to prevent attacks on their positions. Large sections of the city are being converted to rubble and hundreds of civilians have already been killed or wounded. The offensive has also displaced a great number of people. In the past five months, 255,000 people have been forced to flee the city. These brutal methods show that U.S. imperialism is willing to destroy Iraqi society to accomplish its aim of maintaining strategic military bases.

U.S. imperialism has placed a great deal of importance on retaking Mosul because it views the city as a center of Iraqi resistance. U.S. imperialism wants to wipe out its opposition because it is the sworn enemy of the national liberation struggle of the Iraqi people. Right now U.S. forces are resorting to a lengthy siege against the city to try and carry out their aims, denying hundreds of thousands of people water, food, electricity, medical care and other necessities while raining bombs down on their homes.

And yet the U.S. occupation continues to take a beating. In Mosul, attempts by U.S. troops to seal off a main road from the city have been repeatedly blocked by counter-offensives. Resistance forces also have employed innovative tactics in their counter-offensives against the occupation troops. Iraqi troops and police serving as U.S. cannon fodder are forced to fight street by street while under constant attack. At the same time, positions retaken by U.S. occupation forces are coming under frequent attack. This is the result of fourteen years of war and occupation in Iraq.