U.S. Military Conducts a Barrage of Airstrikes on Yemen

March 8, 2017

Earlier this month, the Department of Defense (DoD) reported that it carried out at least 30 airstrikes in Yemen from March 2-3. The drastic rate of bombing was concentrated at the governorates and towns of Abyan, Al Bayda, and Shabwah.

According to the twisted explanations given by the DoD leadership, the gravity of this violation of the sovereignty of the Yemeni people was lessened by the fact that it was carried out in partnership with the Yemen government.

The reason given for carrying out the strikes at this time was, as in the past, to preempt future armed attacks on the soil of the United States considered possible according to its own analysis.

Still repeating the refrain it sang about Afghanistan and Iraq, the Pentagon labels Yemen a “safe haven for terrorism.”

When interviewed about the storm of airstrikes, Navy Captain Jeff Davis described the alleged crimes of the targets as follows. “They've taken advantage of ungoverned spaces in Yemen to plot, direct and inspire terrorist attacks against the United States. We'll continue to work with the goverment of Yemen and our partners on the ground to defeat (the organization) and deny it the ability to operate.”

According to Davis, the number of human targets is estimated to be in the “low thousands” so far. He remained vague as to the actual damages resulting from the bombings.

Like the Grand Inquisitors of old, neither of the two governments believe that the accused have rights. No charges have been filed, no arrest warrants issued, no attorneys provided, no legitimate trial conducted. In fact, no non-religious arguments have even been brought to bear. The process is much like the Medieval judicial practice of “trial by water” in which the victim was weighted down and submerged in water and considered innocent if he or she sank and guilty if he or she survived. With the difference that in the “modern” version enforced by the U.S. monopoly capitalist class, the victim is given no chance of a post-mortem determination of innocence.

This doctrine of Might Makes Right is being imposed on the world by U.S. imperialism, which has declared itself “world policeman” and which is imposing the law of the jungle – the law of terrorism – on the entire world today. The doctrine that any red line prohibiting attacks by one state against another and that respect for the sovereignty of countries were international principles belonging in the past, was first promulgated in the post-cold-war period by President Bill Clinton. His words were that “the main danger to peace and security of the U.S. comes not from inter-state conflicts but from the turmoil arising within countries” and that wherever the U.S. “has the power” it should use it “within or beyond the borders” of any country.

In the Middle East in particular, U.S. imperialism has given itself license to declare some states “safe havens for terrorism.” Some such states are declared “friendly” and sided with in internal conflicts. Other such states are declared “unfriendly” and targeted for regime change.

At any moment the status of a state declared “friendly” can change depending upon whether it goes along with U.S. dictate. The U.S. is relying on its military superiority to militarize every situation in order to assert itself as the “sole superpower.” The extremely aggressive character of the U.S. program comes from the fact that the inherent laws of capitalist-imperialism impel U.S. monopoly capital to stretch its hand everywhere, to strive to grab up economic territory and spheres of influence. Yet the economic power of the U.S. monopolies is in relative decline. Thus, being slated a “friendly” state is not an “achievement” that provides any guarantee against being targeted for regime change, as can be seen most especially with the well known example of Iraq leading up to the U.S. invasion.

The people of Yemen were first labeled an official target in 2001. It was on March 2, 2002 that the Pentagon announced that it was preparing to dispatch troops to Yemen (as well as Georgia and Indonesia.) At least 100 U.S. military advisers were sent to Yemen to “train with, assist and advise” as well as to “accompany” Yemeni troops on combat operations directed against insurgent forces. The arrival of the first U.S. troops under the supervision of the CIA was documented by the press in late April. The Pentagon was also planning more reconnaissance flights over Yemen at that time. At least one drone strike was carried out by the end of 2002. A larger number of airstrikes from drones began in 2010.