U.S.-Israeli Aggressors Talk Peace While Waging War

June 17, 2013

In order to protect U.S. imperialism's reliable military outpost in the strategic Middle East, Secretary of State John Kerry is trying to represent the U.S. as a "neutral arbiter" in the conflict in the Middle East.

Earlier this month, long after learning that Israel had recently accelerated its settlement activity, Kerry called for a revival of "peace talks." In other words, he called on Palestinians to delay the struggle for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian nation and instead to enter into a new round of negotiations with Israel.

Clearly, for U.S. imperialism and its creature, Israeli zionism, the right to self-determination, independence and liberation are not inherent rights that belong to the Palestinian people by virtue of their humanity, but privileges to be "bestowed or denied" on the whims of U.S. imperialism.

The truth is that an end to Israeli expansionism will only come to Palestine when the U.S. government is forced to withdraw all its support for Israeli zionism, when the aggressors withdraw completely from all the occupied territories, when all the Palestinian people are guaranteed the right to return to homes and when a genuinely sovereign and independent Palestinian state comes into being.

Today, even while calling for renewed "peace talks," the U.S. government is dramatically stepping up its military financing of Israel.  In April, Obama signed into law a bill which allocates $40 billion to Israel over a ten year period, raising aid levels from $8 million a day to $11 million a day. The U.S. has also promised Israel hundreds of millions more funding over the next two years for joint U.S.-Israeli research and development of a missile system.  

The continued occupation of the West Bank and the expansion of Israeli settlements again reveal the true meaning of the U.S.-sponsored Middle East "peace" process. It is a means to consolidate the position of U.S. imperialism while trampling on the rights of the Arab peoples. The only "peace" which the U.S. government seeks is a "peace" which makes the Middle East secure for the big U.S. oil monopolies and for U.S. domination and exploitation of the peoples. For the Palestinian people, the "peace process" is designed to keep them under the political domination and military rule of Israeli zionism, and to deny them their inviolable national rights, including the right to their own independent state in their historic homeland.