U.S. Intelligence Official Admits Plans for Another Coup Attempt in Venezuela

May 17, 2016

In 2002, the Venezuelan people defeated one coup attempt and today are forced to defend against another. National military exercises are being prepared this week. Alerting people to the growing danger, President Nicolás Maduro announced on May 15 that, "the oligarchy's plan is to disturb the peace so they can justify foreign intervention in Venezuela."

On May 13, the Washington Post reported on U.S. plans for Venezuela based on an anonymous press briefing by a senior intelligence official. The official spoke to a small group of reporters "according to ground rules set by the goverment."

According to the report, a recall referendum is one "change-of-government" scenario that may be accompanied by a military coup. The coup may take place as a “'palace coup' in which some members of Maduro’s government move to oust him with the help of some segment of the military." Or, it could be one "led by lower-ranking officers and enlisted members" who might act to "remove the government altogether.”

Although these plans have been in the works for a long time, the official expressed the administration's optimism that "economic problems," including pressure to pay the foreign debt, would help the U.S. deal a death-blow to Venezuela's current political and economic system in the near future. "You can hear the ice cracking," said the official. "You know there's a crisis coming."

Of course, it is no surprise that for a CIA official almost every development in Venezuela would offer an excuse to hope for a crisis that could be used to "legitimize" a U.S. intervention. Especially today, when the Bolivarian Revolution is stronger and has more international support than ever. When the increasing investments in the social sectors of the economy and development of social programs has already served to lift millions out of poverty and dramatically increased the material and cultural well-being of the entire people.

As far as the remaining poverty in Venezuela is concerned, it is a direct result of the imperialist social relations which govern the world today. Not only has Venezuela had its national resources drained through decades of "puntofijismo" (rule by parties loyal to the interests of the Venezuelan oligarchy and U.S. imperialism,) but even today the people are burdened by large interest payments on the debt.

Furthermore, the Obama administration's "wish" for a crisis in Venezuela has never been a passive process. The CIA and National Endowment for Democracy are still the main vehicles for the time and money spent on the destabilization campaign by the Obama administration. The Obama administration is pouring resources into its project of destabilizing Venezuela because the U.S. monopoly capitalist class wants to destroy Venezuela's independence from imperialism which has become a growing inspiration for the peoples of the region. Already Venezuela has played a key role in defeating the Free Trade Area of the Americas, in establishing the ALBA, and in speaking out against U.S. aggression and interference against Cuba and throughout the world.