U.S. Imperialism Oils the Machinery for More War

June 4, 2017

On May 20, U.S. President Trump signed agreements with Saudi Arabia's king Salman pledging $110 billion worth of weapon sales and training to support U.S. imperialism's war program in the Middle East. The agreements were titled Foreign Military Sales Letters of Offer and Acceptance, and Memorandum of Intent. The agreements also call for another $240 billion worth of arms deals with Saudi Arabia over the next ten years.

This $110 billion agreement will result in massive amounts of U.S. military hardware pre-positioned in the country. It includes patriot missiles and a THAAD ballistic missile system, advanced radar systems, battle tanks, fighter jets and attack helicopters, heavy caliber machine guns, grenade launchers and artillery rounds.

This latest military build-up is part of U.S. imperialism's all-around militarization of the Middle East. In addition to its aggressive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tens of thousands of U.S. troops have been stationed in the region and a network of military bases and alliances established. Thousands of U.S. troops are stationed on ships in the Persian Gulf and in military bases in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and elsewhere. The U.S. military is constantly engaged in training exercises and war games in the region, building up the armies of various reactionary Arab regimes, and bringing these forces under its direct command.

U.S. imperialism's militarization of the Middle East is motivated by the drive of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class to plunder the oil wealth of the region and maintain its domination of this strategic part of the world. U.S. imperialism is preparing the ground for new wars in the Middle East – wars to suppress the national liberation movements of the Arab peoples as well as wars of rivalry against competing imperialist powers. In either case it is and will be the peoples who pay the price.