U.S. Imperialism is the Source of "Violence and Terrorism" in Iraq

September 8, 2014

After several years of silence about the activity of big U.S. corporations in Iraq, the monopoly controlled media is once again sounding the tocsin about “chaos” there. Obama has ordered U.S. airstrikes to protect the Mosul dam and other capital “hot spots” while the Democrats and Republicans in Congress are passing resolutions in support of his decisions.

The hue and cry about Iraq is coming at a time when forty-five hundred Americans and one million Iraqis have already died in a war to re-colonize the country.

In 2003, the U.S. began selling Iraq’s state-owned businesses to foreign capitalists and bankers when it installed Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA.)

At the time, U.S. Under Secretary of International Affairs John Taylor assured international finance capitalists that the CPA was setting up “a good system of rule of law and property rights in a way very conducive to foreign investment.”

One of the first important deeds of the CPA was to convene a conference of international bankers including Citicorp, Morgan Chase and others, to plan the privatization of Iraq’s banking and financial system. In addition, a stock market was soon set up.

A mere three months into the occupation, the CPA had already handed over $4.9 billion in corporate contracts to the U.S. multinationals Creative Association Int. Inc., Research Triangle Institute, Louis Berger Group, Skylink Air and Logistic Support USA, Stevedoring Services of America, Perini Corp., Flour Corporation, Dyncorp, MCI WorldCom, and others.

The CPA also started letting go of Iraq’s capital stock at that time. For example, towers, fiber optic lines and other products of the labor of the Iraqi people were simply turned over to U.S. and other foreign companies through wireless phone network contracts.

At that point the CPA started pushing for a system by which profits from the oil sector would be used to guarantee the accumulating “reconstruction” contracts.

Today, as in the past, U.S. imperialism is using its military power to keep Iraq owned, lock, stock and barrel by the U.S. capitalists and policed by the U.S. military.