U.S. Continues Dangerous Provocations Against the Syrian Arab Republic

October 14, 2014

Since September 23, coalition aircraft have violated the airspace of Syria at least 20 times, according to reports from the U.S. Department of Defense. Not only are the pilots practicing “precision airstrikes” but they are also gathering information. Reconnaissance and bombing are being used to “soften up” the population in order to prepare for “regime change.”

The extremely reckless and criminal character of the war can also be seen by the fact that other countries are deliberately being drawn into the aggressive U.S. strategy. Obama boasts that he is working to involve as many other countries as possible.

So far, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, and Qatar are the only governments named in Department of Defense reports of missions within Syrian air space.

At least some countries have been offered the opportunity to train personnel in the use of remote aerial drones. According to Defense Department reports, “coalition partners” have already manned remote aerial drones to complete missions in Syria.

Sooner or later provocations by the coalition will lead to direct confrontation with the Syrian military. U.S. officials keep talking about the chimera of an impending “Islamic caliphate,” and unopposed “regime change” in Syria, but of course they must continue commanding a very real war if they intend to succeed. Thousands of Syrian civilians and soldiers have already been killed in the war by U.S.-trained paramilitary death squads. U.S. and allied airstrikes are part and parcel of an escalation that is designated to facilitate invasion and regime change.

Less than three weeks after the extension of the so-called “war against international terrorism” into Syria, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is already claiming that coalition ground forces may be called for in order to invade the city of Kobani.

So too, as expected, Free Syria Army’s “moderate” rebels have been emboldened by the coalition’s unilateral air strikes and are daily terrorizing, killing, and injuring innocent people with the small arms and light weapons already in their possession.

For its part, Syria’s Foreign Ministry continues to affirm that Syrians are the only ones to choose the destiny of their country and that the Syrian people will not allow any foreign aggressor to impose its will on them.

The majority of the coalition countries are still refusing to participate in any military operations. Even the UK and France – which are already carrying out air strikes in Iraq at the request of the puppet Iraqi regime – are refusing to deploy their troops in a war of aggression against Syria.

Some capitalist governments are taking advantage of the war as an opportunity to supply military equipment. For example, Canada’s government agreed to send Canadian Armed Forces and military equipment into the mission even while promising not to participate in the coalition’s unilateral attacks on Syria.

The German government also bet on the U.S.-led “anti-Islamic-state” coalition which did in fact support a first-time reversal of its 69-year ban on sending arms into combat zones. The ban existed ever since the defeat of Hitler's Third Reich. German troops also arrived in Iraq after Chancellor Angela Merkel broke her initial promises not to send them. The German government is still denying plans to invade or attack a sovereign country.

Already, near the end of last year, Russia began deploying its warships near Syria and last month the Russian navy announced plans to increase the number deployed in the Mediterranean from 7 to 10.

From the start, the U.S. war on Syria has been a war to overturn the verdicts of Syria’s historic struggle against colonialism and to assert U.S. dominance in the Middle East against rival imperialist powers.

As the U.S. refuses to de-escalate and strives to implicate more countries, it is the peoples who will continue to pay the price.