U.S. Congress Reasserts Its View That the Palestinian National Liberation Struggle Is Terrorist

February 19, 2018

On February 14, the 115th House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 3542. It is expected to be passed in the Senate and signed by the President.

The bill authorizes the use of sanctions to impose a fallacy that consists in assuming that decrees from a U.S. president announcing "human shield" use represent an actual, fixed, certain standard, instead of being dependent entirely upon the strategic aims, opinions and prejudices of the government power employing them.

However, military actions in wars of national liberation are always just that, and nothing else, at any given time and place, no matter what name or term may be used to represent them.

The right to wage a national liberation war against a colonial authority is a verdict of history and has been universally recognized, even under international law.

The inalienable rights of the Palestinian people do not depend upon the permission of anyone, least of all any representative of the sworn enemy of all modern national liberation struggles – U.S. imperialism.

H.R. 3542 is a legislative attempt to promote a bloodthirsty, collective punishment mentality on the American people, who will never accept it.

The 115th Congress wants people to believe in the U.S.-Israeli war against the Palestinian people because as things stand, too many people oppose it.

However, whatever may be the wishes or inclinations of the Congress, it cannot alter the state of facts or the growing consciousness and organization of the struggle against U.S. imperialism, the real aggressor and occupier of Palestine.

The Palestinian struggle is a call to conscience; an inspiration to all. No amount of demagogy or sanctions will change that objective reality.