U.S.-Backed Mercenaries in Syria Systematically Target Civilians

November 11, 2013

According to reports published by the Syrian News Agency (the state-owned news agency of the Syrian Arab Republic), huge numbers of people are being killed and wounded in the U.S.-backed campaign to destabilize Syria and overthrow the government.

And the number of casualties continues to grow.  Just since October 28th, more than ninety-five people were slaughtered and three hundred fifty two injured in some eighty-five attacks which targeted schools, factories, residential neighborhoods and vital infrastructure such as power plants.  

Across the country's capital city of Damascus since October 28th, one bomb explosion killed eight people while mortar shelling killed at least three people and injured more than forty-nine.  Across the Damascus countryside, fourteen deaths and thirty-four injuries resulted from mortar shelling of civilian targets.  Also in the Damascus countryside, gunmen killed five people and a car bomb explosion caused many casualties, including ten deaths. 

So too, in Homs and the surrounding area, mortar and rocket shelling killed more than three people and wounded many more. Sniper attacks also took place, killing at least fifteen people.  Forty-three casualties including at least six deaths occurred when a car bomb exploded in al-Thabtiyeh village.  In Jaramana City as well, four mortar shelling incidents took the lives of two people and injured over thirty people.  At least seventeen people were killed and thirty-five wounded in mortar and rocket shelling of targets in Aleppo city.  Other places where attacks took place included Hama countryside, Qamishli, and As-Suwayda in the southwest of Syria.  

The U.S-backed campaign systematically targets civilians because the lives of the Syrian people mean nothing to it.  The systematic attacks directed against the civilian population aim at terrorizing the people and forcing a change in the Syrian government.  Syria has become a target because U.S. imperialism aims at nothing less than recolonizing the entire Middle East.