Those Who Have Never Condemned a Single Terrorist Attack Against the Syrian Homeland Have Been Allowed to Speak at Geneva II

January 26, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was allowed to speak at Geneva II on January 22, despite the fact that neither he nor any other official representative of the Obama administration has ever condemned a single terrorist attack on the Syrian homeland.

Not only has Kerry refused to condemn a single terrorist attack on the Syrian homeland, but it was known ahead of time – as a result of the State Department's own admissions – that Kerry would use the conference as a forum for denouncing the leader of the ruling Ba'ath party and its allies in the country's parliament. Indeed, as expected, Kerry even called for the immediate removal of the chief representative of the Ba'ath party from his appointed office.

John Kerry has not yet been banned by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon despite the institution's claim that the conference is being held with the aim of "restoring security and stability to Syria."