This Summer's Gravely Concerning Hostile Acts Towards Iran Have Been Thwarted

September 3, 2019

Iran has once again been forced to demonstrate that it is not and will not give way to Anglo-America bigotry and military might.

The country's foreign minister declared at the end of August that Iran's right to "sell oil to any and all buyers" will not be impeded by outsiders. The statement came as high officials of the U.S. executive branch threatened to step up the North American republic's embargo and sanctions on Iran.

On July 4, Britain’s naval forces seized the Grace 1 vessel, an Iran cargo ship in the Strait of Gibraltar. The excuse given was a European Union embargo on crude oil trade with Syria, despite the fact that Iran is not a party to the embargo.

Tehran demanded the return of its ship and denounced the piracy carried out by London with the backing of Washington. The ship was ultimately returned to Iran after the national property was held hostage for more than a month.

Today, all the tensions in the over 4 million square miles of the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility originate in North America unilaterally and through Washington's aggressive military alliance with western powers above the 49th parallel and across the Atlantic.