U.S. "Protests" Syrian Sovereignty

February 13, 2012

On Monday, February 6, The U.S. withdrew its ambassador and embassy staff from Syria in protest of the fact that Syrian President Assad has not capitulated to demands of the U.S. backed "dissident groups" calling for "nothing less than regime change."   

A clear picture of U.S. policy on Syria was given by Jeffrey D. Feltman, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, in testimony given to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs on November 9, 2011: "What we have to say to President Assad can be summed up very briefly: step aside and allow your people to begin the peaceful, orderly transition from authoritarianism to democracy. Bashar al-Assad has proven that he is incapable of reform. Our advice is to President Assad is that he leave now. He may want to study the recent examples of other Arab autocrats who have been confronted by populations that have overcome the barrier of fear to demand their universal rights. If Assad truly has Syria’s interests at heart, he will leave now. We will relentlessly pursue our two-track strategy of supporting the opposition and diplomatically and financially strangling the regime until that outcome is achieved."

The Obama administration has claimed the "right" to decide who will take part in the Syrian government and who will not.

This colonial agenda is "justified" by a continuous chauvinist propaganda vilifying the Syrian people as "backward" and extolling the "U.S. mission" to "civilize" the country with "American values" and "American democratic institutions."  The Obama administration is trampling underfoot the entire edifice of international law, international norms of peaceful relations between countries and the sovereign right of the Syrian people to determine their affairs for themselves without outside interference.

U.S. imperialism aims not only at subjugating Syria but at using that country as another strategic base in its struggle for world domination.