Support the Palestinian Liberation Struggle Against Zionism and Imperialism!

Reprinted from The Worker, newspaper of the Workers Party, USA, July 29, 2014

July 27, 2014 – Even with the supreme arrogance that comes with an American Iron Dome ballistic missile shield, Israel wanted a “protective edge” against the paltry munitions of Palestinian guerrillas. So for twenty days Israeli Air Defense Command tried to “exterminate the enemy” by carpet bombing civilians living under Israeli rule. They are not sure if they are finished so they are having talks with high level spokesmen from the U.S. government. There may still be people left with the resources to dig Cu Chi style tunnels for the purpose of surviving and winning the struggle for their own independent state in their national homeland. So the story of U.S.-Israeli “peacekeeping” goes.

To achieve the zionist “vision” of a land without Palestinians, U.S.-Israeli “peacekeepers” have long relied on the Hitlerite methods of collective punishment including blowing up the homes of suspected political activists, the imposition of curfews (tantamount to literal house arrest) on entire towns and villages (often for up to a month), preventing food supplies and other necessities from reaching the population, etc. Areas anywhere in the West Bank can be and often are designated as “closed areas” which means that no one can leave without a permit. Palestinians under Israeli military rule are required to carry ID cards and produce them on demand of the military authorities. Political parties are banned and the press muzzled. It is estimated that 40% of the adult male population of the West Bank has spent time in Israeli prisons or military detention centers. Torture is commonplace and Israeli courts admit confessions extracted through torture.

An Israeli Military Commander decides everything even down to the number of trees a Palestinian may plant. While settlers from Israel are give the best lands the indigenous economy has been suppressed, forcing Palestinians to work for a few dollars a day as menial laborers for the Israeli capitalists. Israel has repeatedly stated that its goal is to annex the West Bank which it claims on the “authority of the Bible.”

Today, the Israeli government says that all out war is necessary to restore “order.” Well, it is true that the Palestinian people are rejecting, are breaking up, Israeli “order” in the West Bank and Gaza but this does not make them “rioters” or terrorists because it is precisely the “order” of Israeli occupation which is the problem. Israeli order in the occupied territories is the “order” of fascism and colonialism; it is the order under which an Israeli settler, whether born in New York or Dallas, can usurp the land of the Palestinian residents who are forced to live under permanent military rule and are regarded as nothing but “two-legged beasts” by the Israeli government. Israeli “order” in the occupied territories is an “order” in which peaceful protesters are gunned down. It is an “order” in which Palestinian youths, many under 12 years of age, are tortured in custody and used as human shields by Israeli Defense Forces. It is an order in which the entire Gaza strip is placed under siege. Israeli order in the West Bank and Gaza is based on the national subjugation, the suppression of the entire Palestinian people.

But, as the resistance of the Palestinian people is proving, the “order” of Israeli fascism and occupation is extremely weak and can never be maintained. Just as every democratic-minded person has been filled with rage at the bestiality of the Israeli occupiers, so, too, we have drawn boundless inspiration from the unconquerable spirit of the Palestinian people.

Today, in the West Bank and Gaza, it is not the Israeli fascists who have the initiative but the Palestinian people. No matter how many thousands of reinforcements are sent in, the Israeli army cannot keep down the Palestinian resistance. No matter how many tanks, machine guns and helicopters the Israelis deploy, (financed and supplied directly by the U.S. government) they cannot match the Palestinian youth who are fearlessly confronting and fighting the occupiers. The world is witness to the magnificent unity and determination of the whole Palestinian nation not only in the occupied areas but also inside the pre-1967 “borders” of Israel as well.

The weakness of Israeli fascism stems from the fact that Israel is trying to conquer and enslave an entire people, while the great, indomitable strength of the Palestinian people comes from the fact that they are fighting for a just cause, are fighting for their national salvation, for freedom and emancipation. The fact is that it is only through struggle and the revolution that the Palestinian people can regain their rights and homeland. And the lessons of the present day and historical realities of Palestine are that this struggle is not only necessary but also that it is invincible.

In the months and years ahead the Palestinian people and all the peoples of the Middle East will certainly win new and final victories in the struggle against zionism and imperialism. But the road ahead is also filled with great dangers. U.S. imperialism surely intends to stand by its strategic ally, zionist Israel – not only with billions in aid and advanced weaponry but also with ground troops.  But the will and desire of U.S. imperialism to use the American workers as cannon-fodder in wars to maintain control of the oil wealth of the Arab peoples is one thing while its political options are another. The more we expose the real character of Israeli zionism, the more we fight against the U.S.-Israeli alliance and oppose any and all interference and intervention in the Middle East by the U.S. monopoly capitalist class – the more we popularize the just cause of the Palestinian people – the sooner their struggle will achieve complete victory.