Struggle of the Syrian People Slandered by John Kerry

August 27, 2013

On August 26, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced that the U.S. is prepared to drop bombs on Syria as punishment for "moral obscenity."

U.S. imperialism, which has launched hundreds of aggressive wars against other nations; U.S. imperialism which has systematically bombed cities and towns, destroyed vital economic infrastructure and the cultural heritage in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea and countless other countries; U.S. imperialism which not only threatened but used nuclear weapons and other instruments of mass destruction to terrorize nations and to impose its dictate; U.S. imperialism which has organized mercenary armies and paramilitary death squads in Colombia, in Guatemala, in Indonesia, in Nicaragua, to carry out wanton terror and destruction; U.S. imperialism which in South Korea, in Israel, in Haiti and elsewhere, financed and organized the most fascist regimes and instructed them in terrorizing the peoples of their country; U.S. imperialism which has carried out covert operations, including assassinations, biological warfare and destabilization campaigns against Cuba, Chile, Iran, Libya, and Syria itself is "morally outraged" at the purported use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government!

In point of fact, any allegation of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government endorsed by the U.S. should immediately be rejected by democratic minded people everywhere.

Confronted with the impossibility of deposing the Syrian government when the people have rallied in its defense and desperate to justify escalation, the chieftains of U.S. imperialism have looked in the mirror and decided to blame their own crimes on the peoples victimized by imperialism.

According to the fascist logic of U.S. imperialism, the U.S. has both the "right" to foment tensions by arming and organizing a movement to depose the Syrian government and the "responsibility" to intervene in order to prevent that same government from retaining political power.

But the U.S. strategy in Syria is already being defeated by the struggle of the Syrian people in defense of their sovereignty and independence.

The American people must step up the struggle against the aggressive wars of our "own" government. We must carry on a continuous struggle against the chauvinism of the capitalist class. We cannot let U.S. imperialism -- which has committed innumerable crimes against humanity -- pass off any of its program in the name of "human rights," "humanitarianism" or "democracy."