South Koreans Protest Against THAAD System

March 27, 2017

On March 18, 2,000 people demonstrated in Seongju county, South Korea against the U.S.-South Korean government plans to deploy a THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) ballistic missile system. The demonstrators carried banners saying “No THAAD but peace,” and they demonstrated in defense of the sovereignty of South Korea and their right to determine their own affairs free of U.S. imperialism dictate and interference.

The protests took place one day after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited South Korea. Tillerson insisted that the U.S. and South Korean government “decided to take the defensive measure of deploying THAAD Missile Defense System” in South Korea. Tillerson added that it is the U.S. government “expectation” that any South Korean government “will continue to be supportive of the Thaad system.” In other words, Tillerson is asserting that since the government of South Korea is a pro-U.S. puppet regime, then the U.S. government can violate the sovereignty of the country in service of U.S. imperialism's military aims.

Spitting in the face of the South Korean people, the U.S. is stepping up its militarization of the situation on the Korean peninsula. The Pentagon is deploying more weapons in and around the Korean peninsula while carrying out war exercises and spy-flights against the north.

The U.S. government’s refusal to respect the sovereign rights of the Korean people – including the right for peaceful reunification according to the free and sovereign will of the people themselves – is not only a violation of the fundamental principles of international law, it is also the source of tensions on the Korean peninsula.