The Solution to the Crisis in Syria is an End to U.S. and Big Power Interference

Reprinted from The Worker, newspaper of the Workers Party, USA, August 30, 2013

At a time when chemical weapons may have been used against the Syrian people the urgent need for an immediate end to U.S. and Big Power interference in Syria is greater than ever.

Today when the urgent necessity is for the Syrian government to be able to function freely to determine if a chemical weapons attack occurred, to apprehend the criminals, and to bring them to justice, the U.S. government is standing in the way of progress by whipping up a war hysteria and calling for increased foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Syrian people.

Obviously the U.S. prefers to protect those with the aim of causing a disturbance big enough to "justify" U.S. intervention to "restore peace."

Once again, U.S. imperialism has come to the rescue of the reactionary pro-imperialist forces on its payroll and once again U.S. imperialism has proven that it is the author and organizer of the great tragedies that have befallen the Syrian people over the last two and more years.

This latest crime of U.S. imperialism comes in the wake of more than two years of war during which the Obama administration has been employing the counter-revolutionary dual tactics of combining open military aggression with political deception.

While paying lip service to respect for the sovereignty of Syria and portraying itself as a “neutral arbiter” committed to a “negotiated solution,” the Obama administration has armed and organized pro-imperialist rebels who have employed the most brutal methods in order to destabilize the country and terrorize the people. So too, the U.S. has consistently followed a policy of threatening all-out war while demanding “inspections on the ground” to accommodate endless rebel calls for Big Power validation of their criticisms of the political system in Syria.

Today, relying on the logic of Might Makes Right, the Obama administration is again trying to justify widening the war to include possible airstrikes “against selected targets” meant to facilitate the advance of the reactionary pro-imperialist forces fighting inside the country.

The aim is to turn Syria into a protectorate (a new-style colony.) This is part of U.S. imperialism’s plan to re-colonize the Middle East, suppress any resistance to its domination, to maintain and extend its control over the oil-rich and strategic region and to assert itself as the sole superpower and military ruler of the world.

But in Syria, the people are proving that they, and not imperialism, are the decisive force.

So too, the American people are coming out in mass actions across the country to denounce U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of Syria and to support the struggle of the Syrian people against imperialist domination and for genuine independence.

The struggle against widening the war in Syria is one of many fronts of struggle against the U.S. government’s aggressive foreign policy. There is an on-going movement demanding the end to the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. There is a big movement to stop U.S.-Israeli aggression against Palestine. There are struggles to end the blockade of Cuba, threats and pressure against Venezuela, escalating intervention in Mexico and throughout Latin America. There are struggles against escalating U.S intervention in the Philippines. There is and on-going movement against U.S. extension of its “war against terrorism” into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

How can we push forward these and other on-going struggles against militarism and war and how can we win permanent victory? We say that as a starting point we should strive to: 1) unite the many currents of anti-militarist, anti-war struggle into one common front; 2) organize our movement on the basis of its own aims and agenda so that it is a pro-active rather than a reactive movement; and 3) build the anti-war movement as part of the independent movement of the working class and people, build it in opposition to and struggle against the capitalist class and the imperialist system which are the source of war and militarism.

In other words, we say let us build up a broad, popular front against war and militarism which fights for a democratic foreign policy – for the withdrawal of all U.S. military forces stationed abroad, for an end to all aggressive military alliances and pacts, for an end to U.S. interference and intervention against other countries and people.