Snapshot of U.S. Training Practices in Iraq

January 31, 2017

According to its website, training international “Rangers” is an integral part of U.S. Central Command's role at military bases in Iraq, including Camp Taji near Baghdad.

For example, in one recent article a narration is given about a U.S. Army Sergeant viewing the training of a man trained first in Jordan and now enlisted in Iraq.

According to the article, entitled Coalition Leaders Review Iraqi Ranger Training at Camp Taji, “During the visit, Iraqi army Lt. Hager Haider, Iraqi Ranger instructor, caught the attention of U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Benjamin Jones, senior enlisted leader, CJTF – OIR, while teaching his soldiers how to properly move with their weapons on the training range.”

The article then quotes Jones complementing Haider's personal abilities and goes on to explain that “Haider conducted advanced training at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, Jordan, prior to becoming an instructor at Camp Taji. Now, Haider is bringing his knowledge to his Iraqi counterparts.”

The article later points out that, “To assist the Iraqis in continuing their success, Sgt. 1st Class Carson Headley, Office of Security Cooperation Iraq senior enlisted advisor, Security Sector Reform Group, monitors the overall progress of the Iraqi Ranger training.” More details of the ongoing “Ranger” training projects are also given.

The concluding paragraph of the article states, “Training at building partner capacity sites is an integral part of Combined Joint Task Force -- Operation Inherent Resolve's global Coalition effort to train Iraqi security forces personnel to defeat ISIL.”

The Pentagon consistently advertises this colonial program as part of a war to rid Iraq of “ISIS and other radical Islamic terror groups.”

However, it is no other than the chieftains of U.S. imperialism that have looked in the mirror and decided to blame their crimes on the peoples victimized by imperialism.

The “war against terrorism” is being used by the U.S. to dispatch its military anywhere and everywhere in order to grab new territories and create new colonies.

Moreover, the whole world knows that it is U.S. imperialism itself which occupies Iraq. Resurrecting the old “Mandate” system, U.S. imperialism has taken control over Iraq. U.S. imperialism tries to justify its war on the Iraqi people by returning to the doctrine that the Iraqi people are not yet ready for independence and self-determination and need to be “mentored” and “civilized” by the imperialist powers.

The nonstop propaganda about “ISIS” is being used by U.S. imperialism to justify its violation of the very conscience of humanity – to justify aggression against the peoples, to tear up any and all international treaties and the rule of law, to trample on the sovereignty of countries, to tear down any and every structure capable of preventing war and safeguarding peace.

Instead, U.S. imperialism has declared itself “world policeman” and has repeatedly relied on its military trump card to impose its will and dictate on anybody and everybody according to the fascist pronouncement that “Might Makes Right.”

Peace can only come to Iraq after the U.S. military is kicked out, lock, stock and barrel.