Senate Resolution 65 Threatens Iran with Economic Sanctions

April 21, 2013

Last week the 18 members of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed a resolution opposing Iran's right to develop nuclear technology and threatening to impose more economic sanctions. 

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Menendez (D-NJ), who co-authored the resolution, said in a statement about it released on April 17, “To Iran, it makes clear that its behavior is unacceptable and that if it continues down this pathway the economic noose will only tighten around its neck.  I am putting Iran on notice today that I am prepared to consider additional sanctions against Iran unless there is a demonstrable change in its behavior."

The Obama administration and the U.S. Congress continue to label Iran as a state that "can't be trusted," and is not entitled to the same rights as other states to pursue the peaceful development of nuclear technology.  U.S. imperialism is again playing the Grand Inquisitor, claiming that U.S. imperialism has the right to decide which countries are the "evil ones" and to unilaterally impose punishment on them.

The escalating U.S. pressures against Iran are leading towards war. The aggressive tactics noted by Menendez' in his own statement are part of Obama's war doctrine which continues to assert that U.S. imperialism will take "preemptive military action" against any country, at any time, in order to maintain U.S. military superiority.

Already U.S. military forces are deployed in Iraq and several Gulf states.  

The real aim of U.S. imperialism is to maintain and extend its control over this oil-rich and strategic region. Its continued threats and militarization of the Persian Gulf and Middle East show that it is prepared and preparing to wage new aggressive wars to "protect" its empire of oil.