Secretary of Defense Hagel Applauds Japanese Militarism

July 8, 2014

In a Defense Department statement on July 1, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel enthusiastically embraced Prime Minister Abe's recently announced plan to revise Japan's constitutional charter renouncing aggressive war.

According to Hagel, "I welcome the Government of Japan's new policy regarding collective self-defense, which will enable the Japan Self-Defense Forces to engage in a wider range of operations and make the U.S.-Japan alliance even more effective. This decision is an important step for Japan as it seeks to make a greater contribution to regional and global peace and security. The new policy also complements our ongoing efforts to modernize our alliance through the revision of our bilateral guidelines for defense cooperation."

The picture below is a shot of a large demonstration in Tokyo on June 30 to demand that the government uphold the country's historic, constitutionally mandated ban on the deployment of Japanese troops overseas.