Revolutionary Aspirations Expressed through Large-scale Demonstrations in Venezuela

September 5, 2016

As demonstrations by anti-communists and pro-communists go on in Venezuela, Washington is pretending to be neutral.

But just as Washington relies on private military contractors throughout the world so too it relies on the National Endowment for Democracy.

As in other countries, NED funding for a clique of supporters in Venezuela is aimed at tearing down the entire edifice of international law established according to the principles of noninterference and respect for the sovereignty of countries. Venezuela's independence from U.S. imperialism and social investments in support of the poor and social legislation in defense of the rights of the workers are a beacon of light in the history of Latin America. As such they are seen as "the danger of a good example" and make implementation of surviving plans for regime change in Venezuela a high priority for Washington.

Today, the U.S. government is not only escalating its program of aggression and intervention against the peoples of Venezuela, but also across the globe. U.S. aggression against the peoples has always been a by-product of U.S. colonialism. In particular, the U.S. government has always considered Latin America as its "backyard." In Latin America, as throughout the world, U.S. imperialism is the sworn enemy of the national liberation movements of the oppressed nations and of the international working class movement.

U.S. Imperialism, Get Your Bloody Hands Off Caracas!