Reprehensible U.S. Actions in Syria Worsen

February 11, 2019

Recent events disclose the fact that Damascus has been substantially successful in repelling U.S.-led regime change attempts against the Syrian Republic's sovereign state. The frustrated U.S. Congress has even begun debating withdrawal.

However, the semi-presidential republic still faces threats from U.S. military bases which have been situated in the country for several years. That threat will continue as long as U.S. bases remain in the country.

The latest symptoms of U.S. military presence showed up recently, as the deputy spokesman of the U.S. State Department ( announced that its forces have imprisoned as many as 1,000 people while in Syria. According to a press statement, the U.S.-organized Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS authorized its so-called Syria Defense Forces to capture and detain individuals, and it is currently jailing them somewhere in Raqqa, Syria.

The U.S. plans to keep some in custody and to deport some to countries which agree to charge them with crimes. Guantánamo Bay Detention Center would open its doors to the remaining number.

The scale and horror of this atrocity should alert people to the grave danger presented by U.S. imperialism.

In no uncertain terms, the superpower is declaring that it is willing to enter any country it wants, to kidnap and imprison those it chooses to and that it will even use its military might to ship them off to another country if it wishes.

In order to avoid censure for trying to decide political affairs outside of U.S. borders, the twin parties of war in Washington hide behind cliques set up and funded through the CIA and National Endowment for Democracy. These mercenaries and civilian contractors openly call for foreign invasion to help them achieve their aims and are depicted by the U.S. state as populist movements.

The tactic of combining political deception with open military aggression is a part of the system of two-party monopoly in the United States. The use of such dual tactics originates with the centuries-long drive of the U.S. capitalist class to subjugate other nations. In this case, the so-called populist intrigues are presented as a pretext to impose U.S. dictate. According to the judgment of the Congress and Executive branch in the U.S., this dictate is used to wrest predatory treaties and agreements at times secured through military blackmail, and at times secured through coups, and at times secured through all out war.

Our aim, the aim of the people, can only be to defeat the foreign aggression of "our own" ruling class in all its forms. Our aim is to realize a world of genuine peace and friendship in which the sovereignty and equality of every nation is recognized and guaranteed. This requires the complete withdrawal of all U.S. troops stationed abroad.

Our aims can only be carried through by building an independent movement of the workers and people, a movement in opposition to and struggle against the capitalist class which is the source of war and colonialism.

Only such an independent movement is the reliable force in the immediate struggle to get the troops out and only this movement is capable of carrying our struggle through to the end.