Press Statement on Iraq Issued by U.S. State Department

July 4, 2016

On July 3, Obama's State Department appointees issued a statement called, "Terrorist Attacks in Baghdad," through the Bureau of Public Affairs. The statement uses the occasion of a recent bombing in Baghdad to reiterate the Administration's ongoing "commitment" to police Iraq and the world for "terrorists." According to the press release, the White House plans to continue acting on its determination to remain, "in close contact with Iraqi authorities, and stand committed to supporting Iraqi Security forces as they take the fight to Da’esh strongholds, and bring all responsible for these terrible crimes to justice."

The press release also emphasizes the White House determination to carry out its so-called "responsibility to protect" against those it deems "evil" everywhere from Europe to the Middle East to Africa. It states, "From Baghdad to Istanbul, Brussels, Dhaka, and Paris, Da'esh terrorists murder the innocent to attract attention and recruits. They will not succeed. We will continue to unite the world against this evil, remove their safe havens in Syria and Iraq, and uproot their global networks. Our partnership with Iraq and its people, who serve on the front-lines of this global fight, remains steadfast and unwavering."

In line with the savage and downright sadistic character of the Administration's entire Iraqi protection swindle, the Bureau of Public Affairs includes a mocking "condemnation" of the latest loss of life. As if quoted straight out of a playbook on "the art of racketeering," it reads, "We condemn in the strongest possible terms the terrorist attacks carried out by Da'esh in shopping districts in Baghdad today. Nearly one hundred people in total, many women and children, were killed as they broke fast for the holy month of Ramadan...We extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and friends, and wish a full and quick recovery to the many people who were injured."

Heightened attention in the bourgeois press to alleged terrorist attacks in Iraq frequently precede White House calls to step up its international war on "terrorism." In Iraq itself, this protection racket has been the main justification for U.S. intervention ever since George W. Bush declared "mission accomplished" on board the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003. Today's "responsibility to protect" propaganda is a continuation of the Big Lie that the U.S. military invaded Iraq in the first place to "liberate the people" and that U.S. troops would have flowers strewn at their feet by the grateful Iraqi masses.

Since that time, U.S.-sponsored violence in Iraq has continued unabated. According to Obama, the Iraqi people are not yet ready for peace, sovereignty and independence and will not be ready until they organize themselves in support of U.S. plans for their country. These plans include the legalization of private ventures in the oil sector and passage of a so-called "reconciliation agreement" to pave the way for the establishment of a U.S.-style "democracy."

The success of the Iraqi people in blocking implementation of this neo-colonial agenda comes not only from the strength of the people. It comes from the irreconcilability of the objective interests of the Iraq working class and broad masses to the aggressive exploiting aims of U.S. imperialism. Despite the odds, the Iraqi people are succeeding!

The only way for the Iraqi people to put a permanent stop to the terror and regain their sovereignty and independence is to win their demand for the immediate end to U.S. policing of their country. U.S. imperialism remains the number one enemy of peace and national liberation. The interest of the sole superpower in Iraq is the vast reserves of oil and the region's strategic value as a vital bridgehead between the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Through the tactic of militarizing every situation and the doctrine of preemption in the name of "protecting" the world from all those it deems "evil," the Administration's war program aims not only at attacking the liberation movements of the peoples who are fighting against imperialism and the internal reactionary classes. It aims at building up the force of U.S. puppet armies and consolidating new bases for U.S.-led counter-insurgency warfare.

The struggle of the Iraqi people is a just struggle to gain liberation from the oppression, exploitation and terror of the neo-colonial system and program of endless war imposed by U.S. imperialism. It has never been a struggle against the American or any other people. It is a struggle for national liberation and social emancipation. The national liberation struggle of the people of Iraq is in the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and its hegemonic plans. The American people and progressive public opinion throughout the world must remain vigilant and active in the struggle against the world's superpower. We must oppose the imperialist's filthy chauvinist propaganda and support the right of nations and peoples everywhere to live free of imperialist pressure and domination.