Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Release Statement About Latest Counter-Terrorism Conference

June 30, 2019

The U.S. State Department is among the institutions of government which released the "Joint Statement by the Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS," on June 25.

The conference was for working out a so-called Paris Roadmap for counter-terrorism. Building on previously agreed principles, the conference concluded that right now is a "key moment" for "further Coalition engagement" in a fight to eliminate "the threat of ISIS Global branches and networks."

According to the political directors, "The final liberation of all territories once held by Daesh/ISIS in Iraq and Syria was announced on March 23, 2019."

However they go on to add, "Nevertheless, Daesh/ISIS’s territorial defeat does not represent the terrorist group’s eradication or the end of the terrorist threat it poses."

The ensuing mission retained by the coalition was proclaimed to be one of uniting coalition members "to degrade and defeat Daesh/ISIS through a comprehensive approach that includes military, humanitarian, stabilization, communications and political commitment in the period to come.

"We must also maintain close coordination to prevent Foreign Terrorist Fighters, including those detained, hiding underground, or sheltering beyond Coalition control, from returning to the battlefield in Iraq and Syria, or relocating elsewhere and plotting attacks overseas."

U.S. State Department reports leading up to this moment have repeatedly stated that the goal of the counter-terrorism mission is to "drain the swamps" in which terrorists seek refuge.

According to this blueprint, the U.S. seeks to ensure its military domination over Europe and elsewhere by applying pressure on military satellites, and by "bolstering the counterterrorist capabilities of those countries that require assistance."

In addition, this blueprint for world domination has repeatedly called for U.S. military intervention in non-satellite states labeled as safe havens for terrorism and for adopting “zero tolerance” for states that resist the dictates of U.S. imperialism.

It is clear from the mission of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS that the "war against international terrorism" will continue to be the blueprint for U.S. imperialism’s worldwide program of fascism and war.

However, the facts show that the number one international terrorist state is U.S. imperialism itself.

The massive bombing of civilians in Yugoslavia and the continuous attacks on Iraqi population centers are some of the most immense experiences of terrorism ever known to the human race.

So too, it is the CIA itself which organizes covert operations and military coups against sovereign countries.

It is U.S. imperialism which organizes and directs paramilitary death squads throughout the world.

In Colombia, the drug-dealing paramilitaries are the shock forces for U.S. imperialism's counter-insurgency war.

In Cuba, for years the United States openly supported and encouraged terrorist groups, and designed and implemented assassination plans against the leaders of the Cuban revolution.

In Mexico, the U.S. government works closely with the Mexican military and paramilitary forces which are carrying out acts of terror against the population.

To this day, the U.S. continues to fund the notorious School of the Americas operated by the U.S. Army in Georgia. Many of the school's graduating officers have become some of the most infamous leaders of death-squads and have been implicated in numerous war crimes, human rights abuses, and drug-trafficking throughout Latin America. For years, the school taught and trained the Contra mercenary soldiers of Nicaragua in tactics which included assassination, kidnapping and murder, and terrorist bombings.

Clearly, it is the enduring defeat of the U.S. sponsored "war on terrorism" which is wanted and needed by peace-loving people everywhere.