People Throughout the World Demand an End to the Siege of Gaza

January 12, 2010

In late December and early January, thousands and thousands of people gathered in cities throughout the world to mark the one year anniversary of Israel's massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and to demand an end to Israel's siege of Palestinians there.

1,300 people from over 40 countries traveled to Egypt to participate in a Freedom March. Protests also took place in cities in the West Bank and Gaza, in the United States, Israel, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, France, Iran, Australia and elsewhere.

A year ago, with the full backing of U.S. imperialism, Israel carried out a 22 day aerial and ground assault on Gaza, wounding and killing thousands of Palestinians. Today, Israel persists in carrying out frequent air strikes and invasions. 

Israel continues to besiege Gaza, keeping border crossings closed, thus crippling the economy, blocking the delivery of food, medicine, and fuel, and preventing Gazans from traveling outside of the strip. 

At the same time, Israel continues with its program of expanding settlement activity in Jerusalem and the West Bank and building its Apartheid Wall to carve up Palestine.

The war against the Palestinian people is "the second front" in the U.S. "war against terrorism." Especially since 2001, when Israel was given the green light to launch an all-out invasion of the West Bank and occupy every Palestinian city and town, numerous massacres of Palestinians have been carried out.

The U.S.-Israeli goals are to force a change in the Palestinian government, wipe out the Palestinian resistance movement, permanently annex large sections of Jerusalem and the West Bank to Israel and deprive the Palestinian people of any possibility of building a viable, independent state. This is part of U.S. imperialism's plan to re-colonize the Middle East, suppress any resistance to its domination and strengthen Israel as its forward base in the region.