Peace Is the Cause of the People: Hands Off Korea!

February 5, 2018

The recent growth of monopoly-owned media disparagement of North Korea has the objective of laying the groundwork for a new war. It follows a year of U.S. presidential vomitting of negative emotions about the non-aligned Northeast Asian country. The White House campaign has been accompanied by sentiments of the same kind expressed by the U.S. Congress and the other organs of state power.

The fact that North Korea continues to have pride of place in the war program of the U.S. government was recently submitted again in the president's national security strategy, where Trump openly declared North Korea to be amongst the biggest threats to "U.S. supremacy" in the world today. So too, Congress has repeatedly exercised its role in the same fashion as when last year it voted unanimously to use more punitive sanctions in order to build up financial pressures on the country.

On the surface, it appears as if there are two opposing camps amongst the capitalist politicians. On the one side they promote the idea that opposing war means disarming North Korea while maintaining the occupation. On the other side, they pursue the same program while refusing to acknowledge in the first place that the peoples don't want war.

For the people, the dead certainty is that U.S. imperialism's drive for war is only intensifying.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties, as parties of big capital, have been and are parties of war and militarism. The Democratic party and the so-called "isolationist" wing of the Republican party generally takes upon itself the dual task of both helping to preside over the bi-partisan capitalist policy of war and aggression even while it mouths empty peace slogans in its attempt to sidetrack the wrath of the popular anti-war movements. The struggle against war and militarism requires that the working class and forward-looking masses build up their own political organizations, independent of and in struggle against the political parties of the capitalists.

All the conditions exist to avert war. The entire U.S. imperialist race to attack North Korea goes against the grain of world public opinion. Today, as the Korean people are pressing forward in their struggle for peaceful reunification, public opinion throughout the world is demanding the end of U.S. military occupation of South Korea. Ending U.S. occupation and interference in Korea is a necessity in order for the Korean people to exercise their sovereign rights to national independence and freedom. Ending U.S. military occupation of Korea is also a vital part of the struggle of the world's peoples for peace and for an international system based on the sovereignty and equality of all nations.