The Palestinian Nation Will Survive and Win!

Reprinted from The Worker, newspaper of the Workers Party, USA, September 3, 2014

Even while U.S. imperialism backs Israeli zionism to the hilt and supports its terror and aggression, the Obama administration is hatching up new intrigues and plots to liquidate the resistance and struggle of the Palestinian people.

As in the past, what U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has in mind today is to promise the Palestinians some “local autonomy” (of course under the watchful eyes of Israeli troops) if the Palestinians give up their revolutionary struggle and renounce their sacred national rights.

But neither the fascist atrocities of the zionists nor the intrigues of the imperialists will deter the Palestinian people.  Expelled by force of arms from their homeland, sent into exile or squalid refugee camps, betrayed more than once by false “friends,” the Palestinian people have already overcome huge obstacles in order to unify their ranks and develop their liberation struggle against the zionist occupiers.

Thousands upon thousands of martyrs have already fallen, but from the blood of each one a thousand more fighters have sprung up.  As one of the slogans of the Palestinian revolution declares: “From generation to generation, until final liberation.”

Through their heroic, unconquerable struggle the Palestinian people are not only fighting for their own liberation but also dealing sharp blows at U.S. and world imperialism, the common enemies of the world’s peoples.  The Palestinian revolution is a stirring inspiration to the downtrodden and oppressed everywhere.

The Israeli aggressors, along with their U.S. imperialist masters – like all fascists throughout history – will go down in defeat because they have pitted themselves in opposition to the people.

On the other hand, the invincibility of the Palestinians comes from the necessity, the humanity, of their cause. They are fighting for national salvation and liberation, for their very life as a nation and people and nothing will prevent them from victory.