Protests Against U.S.-Israeli Aggression

June 14, 2010

Beginning on May 31, mass demonstrations condemning U.S.-Israeli aggression took place across the Middle East, in Europe and the U.S., in Latin America, Asia and Africa, after special forces of the Israeli army attacked a ship carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza. The ship was attempting to break Israel's 3-year siege of the Gaza strip in which all border crossings are kept closed – thus crippling the economy and preventing the delivery of all food, medicine, and fuel.

These demonstrations are part of an ongoing movement in which people across the world are coming out in support of the Palestinian liberation struggle and to demand an immediate end to U.S.-backed Israeli aggression.

For its part, the Israeli government, with the full backing of the U.S., keeps escalating its war against the Palestinian people. In the face of world-wide condemnation, it has declared that it will continue to besiege Gaza. At the same time, Israel continues with its program of permanently annexing large sections of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, expanding settlement activity and building its Apartheid Wall to carve up Palestine and prevent the creation of a viable Palestinian state.

In Gaza, the U.S.-Israeli aims are to 1) force a change in the make-up of the elected Palestinian government, and 2) crush the resistance which again means terrorizing the entire Palestinian people.

But the terror of the U.S.-Israeli aggressors has not cowered the Palestinian people or broken their will.

The Palestinian people will persist in their struggle, no matter what the cost, until Israeli occupation is ended and the people regain all their inalienable rights including their own independent state. Over 50 years ago, the Palestinians' homeland was stolen by the arms and intrigues of zionism and world imperialism. Since then, while Israel has kept expanding and annexing more Palestinian lands, the Palestinians have continuously unfolded their struggle for national liberation.

Today the Palestinian liberation struggle is at an important turning point. The barbaric crimes of the U.S.-Israeli aggressors show their extreme isolation and the injustice of their cause. The U.S.-Israeli aggressors are trying to block the sacred aspirations of humanity – the right of every people to national independence and liberation. The U.S.-Israeli aggressors will go down to defeat because their cause is the cause of occupation, colonialism and genocide.

The Palestinians, on the other hand, are winning and will win the support of all humanity because they are fighting for a just cause, for national salvation and liberation.