New Israeli Order Authorizes Expulsion of More Palestinians

April 19, 2010

On April 13, an Israeli order authorizing the expulsion of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank took effect.

The new order classifies as an "infiltrator" any "person who is present in the area and does not lawfully hold a permit." It calls for deportation of such Palestinians within 72 hours of arrest and would force Palestinians to pay for their own deportation. The order also calls for possible jail time of up to 7 years. The Israeli State arbitrarily and systematically denies permits to Palestinians and it is estimated that at least 70,000 Palestinians living in the West Bank do not "lawfully hold a permit."

This brutal measure is an escalation of Israel's decades-long policy of systematically exiling, imprisoning and killing Palestinians as a means of emptying Palestine of its native inhabitants. This, along with the continuous expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank, the seizure of tens of thousands of acres of Palestinian land, the building of an apartheid wall and a network of military bases throughout the country, and the imposition of a continuous reign of terror on the Palestinians vividly demonstrates that the Israeli state has no intention of living in peace with the Palestinian people and recognizing their right to a sovereign state. Rather, Israel aims at colonizing and annexing all of Palestine.

As for Israel's sponsor - U.S. imperialism - it has made the suppression of the Palestinian people a high priority in its plans to make the entire Middle East "safe" for U.S. colonial rule. This is because the Palestinian liberation struggle remains a clarion call to all the Arab peoples to rise in struggle against U.S. imperialist domination and dictate