U.S. Expands Missile Attacks in Pakistan

May 10, 2010

According to reports leaked to the press, the Obama administration has authorized the CIA to expand unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan.

According to the reports, pilots of the unmanned drones are authorized to launch the missiles without attempting to ascertain the identity of the targets.

Despite previous claims by the administration that only "high-level terrorists" have been targeted, the vast majority of people killed by the U.S. drones in Pakistan have been civilians. According to Pakistani officials, 703 of the 708 people killed in the 44 U.S. drone attacks carried out in 2009 were civilians.

The CIA has already launched 34 drone missile strikes this year.

These attacks are a brazen violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and this wanton murder of Pakistani citizens again shows that it is the U.S. imperialists who are the real terrorists.