Overlord Kerry Reveals That the Motives Behind U.S. War Preparations Against Iran Haven't Changed

May 4, 2015

According to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. standing in the global marketplace depends on the degree to which the U.S. can secure control over the competitive strategy of Iranian business and political leaders. The latest plan is to secure this control through a deal between Iran, the U.S. and a group of 4 Big Powers. Although the terms of a deal have not yet been accepted, several news agencies including the Associated Press report that Kerry envisions the formation of a new system of “weapons inspections” separate from the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency.

During a May 2 interview broadcast by Channel 10 TV in Israel, Kerry brushed aside growing concerns among Democratic and Republican representatives in Congress that Obama's program for nuclear industry inspections might drag the U.S. into another aggressive war in the Middle East. Kerry admitted that “There's a lot of hysteria about this deal.” He added, “People really need to look at the facts, and they need to look at the science behind those facts.”

Kerry explained that Obama's program for continuous inspections of various industries in Iran would work because “We will have inspectors in there every single day. That's not a 10 year deal. That's forever. There have to be inspections. I say it again. We will not sign a deal that does not close off Iran's pathways to a bomb and that doesn't give us the confidence to all of our experts and global experts, that we will be able to know what Iran is doing and prevents them from getting a nuclear weapon.”

In short, Kerry wants the naive to believe that inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities could prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon if such a military strategy were ever adopted. The aim of inspections would be not only to soften up the country for war as in Iraq, but also to evaluate the business prospects of Iranian industry, especially the highly competitive power industry. Kerry's plan is a step closer to pre-emptive war against Iran.