Organized and Systematic Terrorist Attacks Continue in Syria

October 14, 2013

Syria was hit with over thirty-three terrorist attacks between October 7th and October 14th resulting in the deaths of at least forty-three people, according to reports published by the Syrian Arab News Agency (the state-owned news agency of the Syrian Arab Republic).

On October 7th one person was killed and seven injured by mortar shelling on a residential neighborhood in Damascus. The same day two houses were bombed by mortars in al-Qas'a. A shell also fell on a house in Bab Sharqi injuring one person. In Damascus Countryside, three people were injured when their homes were bombed by mortars in al-Jebeh town. In Hasaka a bomb blew up the car of a government official who escaped injury.

On October 8th seven people were killed and twenty injured when four rocket shells hit the neighborhoods of Efrin and the village of Tarnada. Shells exploded on al-Saray square, a park, people's homes and the al-Jinan Hospital. Later, in Aleppo, one person was killed and seven people injured by rocket shelling of a housing project.

The “Free Syrian Army” released a video of its members celebrating outside an oil refinery in Homs after it was bombed on October 9th.

On October 10th six people were killed and sixteen injured when a rocket shell exploded in Aleppo. The same day in al-Insha’at neighborhood of Homs two people were killed and five injured when a mortar shell exploded.

The next day twelve people were killed and forty-four injured in two incidents of rocket explosions in Aleppo City. In Damascus Countryside, mortar shells exploded near a hospital and a mall in Jaramana city. As a result eleven people were killed and twenty-three injured. On the same day in Homs city a rocket exploded near a mosque killing two people and injuring five others. In a separate incident, mortar shells damaged a school in al-Makhram village.

Three incidents occurred on October 12th in Damascus where rockets exploded near a school and on houses in two residential neighborhoods. As a result an 8-year-old girl died and many people were injured. On the same day in Homs, three people were killed and a man injured due to mortar shelling of a neighborhood. In Daraa, a government building was hit by a mortar that injured a number of people.

On October 13th in Damascus, thirteen people were injured and extensive damage was caused by shelling in six different neighborhoods. In the Damascus Countryside, one death and twenty injuries were the result of mortar shelling in the al-Wafydeen Camp. On the same day employees of the mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Syria were attacked and kidnapped. The ICRC workers were driving on Sermin-Saraqib road in Idleb countryside when their cars came under fire and six delegates were abducted.

On October 14th in Damascus, eighteen people were injured in three separate attacks. In one incident a bomb attached to a bicycle exploded injuring ten people. In two Damascus neighborhoods, eight people were injured by mortar shells. On the same day in Damascus Countryside, a child was killed and fifteen people injured by mortar shelling near a bus stand in al-Wafidin Camp. On the same day in Jaramana City, mortar shells injured five people.