The One-Sided Agenda of U.S. Talks with Cuba

January 19, 2015

U.S. initiated talks with Cuba are set to begin on January 21. According to Obama, the talks will lead to normal relations between Cuba and the U.S. despite his refusal to commit to a diplomatic agenda of talking solely for the purpose of ending the blockade. Obama does not even deny that the purpose of the talks is to gain concessions from Cuba even while the blockade continues. 

The Obama administration is calling for negotiations with Cuba at this time in order to achieve at the bargaining table what couldn't be achieved with the blockade alone.  By holding out the false hope that Obama may one day commit to end the blockade, Obama wants to take steps towards the express aim of changing the political and economic system of Cuba and returning the country to the status of a U.S. colony or neo-colony. 

Just a short time after Obama called for negotiations on U.S. terms his administration is already making imperious demands and refusing to respect the sovereignty of Cuba.  For example, the U.S. Treasury Department has already taken the liberty of calling on Cuba to make concessions to U.S. banking and telecommunications interests. 

Today, precisely because it is opposed by the masses of people everywhere, U.S. imperialism is relying on the counter-revolutionary tactic of imperialist pacifism – of talking about “negotiation and compromise” while imposing its dictate. 

The entire policy of imperialist pacifism attempts to 1) cover over the depth of the contradictions between imperialism and the peoples and 2) separate the problems of war and colonialism from their root causes in the imperialist system.  

Imperialist pacifism turns truth on its head and tries to portray the imperialist warmakers as advocates of peace while slandering the peoples who resist colonialism and fight for their rights as the source of conflict. 

Furthermore, the real content of the peace plans and negotiations sponsored by imperialism is to try to get the peoples to give up at the bargaining table what imperialism cannot win on the battlefield – to get people to give up their freedom and independence and accept neo-colonial arrangements which guarantee the interests of the U.S. monopolies.