On the Caribbean Security Conference in Miami

November 17, 2019

On November 14 and 15, the U.S. government hosted a collective security conference with Canada, France, the Netherlands, and the UK in Miami.

The agenda announced for the 2019 Caribbean Nations Security Conference (CANSEC) was to "update participants on the agency’s integration efforts in support of a comprehensive disaster management strategy during the first day of the conference, which will explore improving regional coordination and operational capacity to plan and conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations." The next day participants were to, "focus on regional efforts to counter transnational threats. CARICOM IMPACS will update participants on its work to implement a regional architecture supporting CARICOM-led actions that strengthen security and reduce crime."

U.S. Southcom is also in the process of celebrating the completion of a 5-month mission in which the "U.S. Navy Ship Comfort" made a tour of the Caribbean and Latin America, stopping at each designated port, having patients come on board to get medical care and then disembark. They have released statements declaring the mission a big victory for South America and the Caribbean which will lead to future enlistment of the ship for the same purpose. The mission was characterized as winning the hearts and minds of people living in poverty who might otherwise be influenced by the growing struggles against neoliberalism and colonialism.

These integration efforts are part of U.S. Southern Command's "Counter Threats" strategy to "increase cooperation and information sharing with allies and partners to understand and counter threats from transnational criminal organizations, violent extremist organizations, and malign regional and external state actors."

Several similar meetings to plan integrating the armies of Latin America under the command and control structure of the Pentagon are planned for the coming year.

To achieve its economic goals U.S. imperialism relies more and more on its military might as an instrument of the monopoly capitalist class.

The U.S. militarization of Latin America is a by-product of U.S. imperialism's worldwide program of fascism and war.

Through the program of "globalization" and "neo-liberalism," the U.S. monopolies are demanding that all the resources and economic infrastructure of the world be put at their disposal. The U.S. has declared war against the entire world in order to "protect" and extend this empire by asserting its superiority over rival imperialist powers and its domination over the colonial and dependent countries.

Particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, where the degree of dependence on foreign capital is high and movements for the overthrow of the imperialist and colonial yoke are plentiful, U.S. imperialism is combining aggression against the peoples with the line of "globalization with a human face." These are the slogans of American chauvinism.

Thus, to cope with its growing isolation, U.S. imperialism tries to disguise its exploiting, aggressive aims, using various forms of the counter-revolutionary tactics of imperialist pacifism -- of talking about peace while waging war, of promising negotiations and compromise while imposing its dictate, of offering "charity" while inciting one state against another, etc.

It is the very touchstone of the struggle of the working class and people in the United States against war and imperialism to oppose the national and colonial oppression imposed on other peoples by "our own government." Exposing and fighting against imperialism and its war program includes a continuous fight against imperialist deception and pacifism.

Just as the American people have always fought against racism and fascism at home, so too, we have joined with peoples everywhere in fighting against aggression and war and for a world of peace and friendship, in which the sovereignty of every nation is recognized.

The only force which can be relied on in this struggle against war and militarism is the broad masses of American people. The war program is bringing home to all, the urgent need to organize the people as an independent political force, in opposition to and struggle against the parties of war and imperialism.