Obama's Big Lie about Iran

December 9, 2013

While calling for more United Nations inspections of Iran, President Obama has repeatedly demanded that Iran "prove its intentions never to build nuclear weapons". Obama's Big Lie that Iran has a "secret nuclear weapons program" is being used in order to hide U.S. pressure and justify possible U.S. aggression against Iran. As long as Iran is "guilty until proven innocent", it can be threatened, bullied, inspected, cursed and even invaded.

Not only military threats, but also economic sanctions have been used alongside demands that Iran submit to inspections and protocols far beyond those required by the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty. Iran has already repeatedly submitted to such extra inspections and the International Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly reported no evidence of nuclear weapons production. Just as the U.S. government remains unsatisfied now, it will remain unsatisfied in the future. The U.S. government as much as admits that it will use the hoax of weapons inspections as a pretext for launching a war.

The extremely aggressive character of the U.S. program arises from the fact that the inherent laws of capitalist-imperialism impel U.S. monopoly capital to stretch its hands everywhere, to strive to grab up economic territory and spheres of influence. Yet the economic power of the U.S. monopolies is in relative decline. Thus, the U.S. seeks to foment tensions and militarize every situation in order to assert its hegemony on the basis that Might Makes Right.

The capitalist-imperialist system in the U.S. is built on war and militarism. War and militarism are part of the very way of life of the U.S. monopoly capitalist class whose very social existence is bound up not only with the exploitation of the American people but also with the superexploitation and plunder of the entire globe.

The American people cannot let the vital decisions of war or peace be made by the capitalist warmakers. The people must take things into their own hands. This is the time to lay down the foundations for a broad, popular front against war and imperialism by strengthening our independent political movement.