The Obama Administration is Tearing Down the Entire Edifice of International Law

September 15, 2014

To this day, U.S. imperialism has never abandoned its aim of reinstating Venezuela's pre-revolutionary despots.

According to a recent press statement from the U.S. State Department, Venezuela must open its court records to inspection by UN Special Rapporteurs or it will be accused of violating the Inter American Democratic Charter (“Due Process in Venezuela” 9/11).

As recent experience teaches, such a breach of Venezuela's sovereignty would quickly be followed by more aggressive demands and an escalation of counterfeit allegations. So too, it would be used as a precedent for imposing similar demands on other countries in the region.

After numerous failed attempts to drum up a “human rights” hysteria about Venezuela, the U.S. State Department hopes to use an international covenant to trample on the sovereign rights of the Venezuelan people.

According to international law, the Venezuelan people are under no obligation to justify their Bolivarian Revolution to anyone. Furthermore, it is U.S. imperialism and not the Venezuelan government that is using military superiority to impose Might Makes Right on the peoples of the region.

In the face of the government's escalating preparations for new U.S. wars in Latin America, we must work to make sure that the slogan “U.S., Hands Off Latin America!” is a central part of the peace movement and the political agenda of the American people.