New Plan Seeks Greater U.S. Domination of South Korea

April 8, 2013

In late March the U.S. and South Korea signed a 'combined operation plan.' According to the plan South Korean military forces will be required to immediately turn over peacetime operational control to the Pentagon in the event of a minor altercation with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The brand new deal once again confirms that the U.S. is behind the recent escalation of tensions on the Korean peninsula. U.S. imperialism is working to keep the pot boiling by holding huge U.S.-South Korea war "games" on the peninsula and time and time again violating the territorial waters and airspace of the North. Although the U.S. arms the South Korean military with ever more sophisticated and modernized weaponry and missiles the U.S. blames the North for "weapons proliferation." The U.S. also regularly beats the war drum by flaunting its first-strike military doctrine.

More than 60 years after partitioning Korea, U.S. imperialism continues to maintain its partition of the peninsula through neo-colonial occupation of the South. The U.S. maintains a permanent presence of thirty to forty thousand U.S. troops and props up the South Korean government not only to safeguard an important base for U.S. military power in Asia but also to maintain a low-wage haven and "safe investment" for U.S. multinational corporations.

Today, in the face of growing opposition from the Korean people as well as from the majority of countries and governments in the region who desire an end to the tensions of the Cold War and normalization of relations amongst all states, the U.S. is fomenting new tensions in order to militarize the region and maintain its influence.