Anti-NATO Demonstrations

November 22, 2010

The picture shows a demonstration in London on November 20, the same day a summit of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) took place in Lisbon, Portugal.  15,000 people marched in central London, carrying anti-war placards and banners, and then gathered in Trafalgar Square.  Slogans at the demonstration included:  "Afghanistan: Time to Go!", and "Say No to NATO." 

On the same day, some 30,000 people marched in Lisbon, Portugal.  Demonstrators chanted slogans against NATO, against plans to install a missile system across Europe, and against the war in Afghanistan. 

The November 19-20 NATO Summit pushed forward plans for the expansion and strengthening of the aggressive U.S.-led alliance.  U.S. and NATO policy makers announced plans to continue the process of enrolling new NATO members, to continue the war in Afghanistan for "as long as it takes," and to enhance NATO's military capabilities – including by deploying a ballistic missile system.  

NATO is the key military "bridge" used by U.S. imperialism to shore up the "trans-Atlantic" alliance and maintain its hegemony in Europe.  The eastward expansion of NATO is being pushed by U.S. imperialism as a way to shore up the "free market system" in the former socialist countries and extend U.S. military presence.  With the U.S. in the lead, NATO has adopted an even more aggressive posture designed to fight low-intensity and regional wars throughout Europe.  Current NATO strategy also includes preparing and launching "out-of-theater" operations, for example in Afghanistan, to project the interests of U.S. and European imperialism.