More War Preparations Promised After U.S.-South Korea Summit

May 14, 2013

In a post-summit Washington DC press conference on May 7, President Obama and South Korean President Park reaffirmed their existing plans for military buildup as part of strengthening their 60-year-old strategic alliance.

Even while the facts show that it is not North Korea but U.S. imperialism which has 
repeatedly used weapons of mass destruction and which today is preparing new aggressions, the two presidents turned truth on its head by slandering North Korea as a "threat."  According to President Park, "the President and I reaffirmed that we will by no means tolerate North Korea’s threats and provocations, which have recently been escalating further, and that such actions would only deepen North Korea’s isolation.  The President and I noted that it is important that we continue to strengthen our deterrence against North Korea’s nuclear and conventional weapons threat, and shared the view that in this respect, the transition of wartime operational control should also proceed in a way that strengthens our combined defense capabilities and preparations being made toward that way as well."

U.S. imperialism is manufacturing warlike hysteria against North Korea in order to justify its military presence in the region in the face of growing opposition from the Korean people as well as from the majority of countries and governments in the region who desire an end to the tensions of the Cold War and normalization of relations amongst all states.  

U.S. imperialism's reliance on its "forward-deployment" of troops in Asia – including 37,000 in South Korea – has long been a key to projecting its influence and asserting its economic interests throughout the region.  Especially today as U.S. imperialism is in relative economic decline vis-a-vis other imperialist powers, it seeks to foment tensions and militarize every situation in order to assert its hegemony on the basis that Might Makes Right.