Military Blackmail

May 5, 2014

Once again, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has flaunted U.S. imperialism's strategic doctrine of "preemptive war" – of war against the world.

According to Kerry, the U.S. wants "the best" for Venezuela, but what happens next is conditional upon President Marduro's willingness to give in to U.S. dictate. Venezuelan diplomats have repeatedly been told by Kerry that as long as Venezuela does not resist U.S. aggression, the U.S. will not "act against Venezuela."

In fact, Venezuela has been endangered by U.S. imperialism's permanent declaration of war against the world since the time that it was declared one of the official targets in 2001.

Today, when worldwide support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution has reached unprecedented proportions, Kerry's two-faced imperialist diplomacy is aimed at taking the initiative out of the hands of the Venezuelan people, liquidating their Bolivarian Revolution and leaving their fate in the hands of the imperialists and two-bit Venezuelan fascists.