Widespread Torture by U.S.-NATO Backed Libyan "Revolutionaries"

February 13, 2012

One feature of the U.S.-NATO inflicted tragedy befalling the Libyan people has been the widespread practice of torture by the "revolutionary government" of the Libyan "National Transitional Council."    

A report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, to the UN Security Council on January 25, revealed that some 6,500 people are being held in 60 secret detention centers run by NTC "revolutionaries."  She admitted in her report that the majority of the detainees are being subjected to "torture and ill treatment."  

The international medical aid organization "Doctors Without Borders" (Medecins Sans Frontieres) recently suspended its operations in Libyan prisons in the city of Misrata because of the refusal of Libyan authorities to stop the torture of prisoners.  Spokesmen from the organization say that they have treated 115 torture victims since April 2011 and that they reported all of the cases to Misrata authorities but that their demands that the torture stop fell on deaf ears.  According to Christophers Stokes, the organization's general director, “No concrete action has been taken.  Instead, our team received four new torture cases. We have therefore come to the decision to suspend our medical activities in the detention centers.”  Stokes also said, “Some officials have sought to exploit and obstruct MSF’s medical work.” Stokes said, “Patients were brought to us in the middle of interrogation for medical care, in order to make them fit for further interrogation. This is unacceptable. Our role is to provide medical care to war casualties and sick detainees, not to repeatedly treat the same patients between torture sessions.”

The on-going turmoil in Libya and the atrocities being carried out by the U.S. and Western backed "revolutionaries" are the direct result of the U.S.-NATO war on Libya which bombed Libya to its knees in order to install such "revolutionaries" by force.