Libya Update

September 22, 2011

U.S.-NATO warplanes are continuing their bombing of Libya.

As many as 49 bombing sorties a day are being carried out against Libya. The cities of Bani Walid and Sirte have been under siege for weeks and NATO-backed ground troops have launched repeated direct assaults on the two towns. The city of Sirte was bombed 291 times from August 28 to September 16. 354 civilians were reported killed and at least 700 injured when more than 30 NATO rockets were fired at the city's main hotel and a residential building in Sirte on September 17.

On September 20 at a speech at the U.N., Obama announced that the war will not end until the U.S.-NATO coalition decides to end it. According to Obama, “Difficult days are still ahead. So long as the Libyan people are being threatened, the NATO-led mission to protect them will continue. And those still holding out must understand – the old regime is over, and it is time to lay down your arms and join the new Libya.” The next day NATO officials announced a three month extension of the war. According to Fogh Rasmussen, the Secretary General of NATO, “This decision sends a clear message to the Libyan people: We will be there for as long as necessary, but not a day longer, while you take your future in your hands to ensure a safe transition to the new Libya."

National Transitional Council

Trying to legitimize its war, the U.S. and its coalition partners are knocking together a puppet government.

On September 20, a U.N.-sponsored "Friends of Libya" conference in New York announced plans for officials from the National Transitional Council of Libya to rule the country on a 3-month interim basis along with backing from a "U.N. Support Mission." The ruling council will be composed of various factions of warlords and feudalists, all officially approved by the Big Powers. Plans to work out which NATO coalition partners will train Libya's "new security forces" are still underway.

In other words, Libya is being colonized by U.S. imperialism and its allies, who are imposing a government there through force of arms.

War Crimes

10,000 mostly black residents of the city of Tawergha have been "disappeared" and their homes have been razed.

In May Sam Dagher reported in the Wall Street Journal that NTC rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous stated that "Tawergha no longer exists." The commander also publicly called for all residents who opposed the rebels to leave the city. The city was captured on August 15 by an assault involving NTC rebel forces who called themselves "brigade for purging slaves, black skin." The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month that the entire city has been emptied of residents.

On August 25, some 30 bodies of pro-Khadafi fighters were found massacred in central Tripoli. According to local medical personnel, the wounds of the 17 activists they examined showed that they were summarily executed.

According to reports published by the BBC , the so-called rebels who advanced into Tripoli ransacked and pillaged hundreds of homes, beating up families and arresting hundreds of men on grounds that they are "Khadafi supporters." Thousands of people have been arbitrarily imprisoned by the rebels without charge or on accusation of being supporters of the "old regime."