Latest Humanitarian Cover for the U.S. Colonization of Iraq

November 24, 2019

Five years have passed since U.S. bombs and missiles crossed the Iraqi sky, destroying lives and cities under the title of "Operation Inherent Resolve."

The dead in the camp of Iraqis not discounted as too vicious to tally exceeds 70,000, according to statistics on documented casualties compiled by the UK organization Iraqi Body Count.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to procure evidence on the total number of coalition casualties during the same five years. The numbers are clearly not less than in the many thousands, with the vast majority belonging to the Iraqi army, which is invariably placed in the front lines to be used as cannon fodder in all the bloodiest battles.

Despite the efforts of the U.S. government to increase the security of its post-invasion authority through military operations that keep the population under a permanent state of siege, the last five years have shown once again that Iraqi people will not be conquered.

As the war has been extended by the various "exit strategies" of the two parties, it seems that the correlation of forces working for and against the colonization of Iraq and the relationship between them becomes increasingly complex.

However, the bottom line remains that it is the bipartisan program in the U.S. to commit any crime to advance the empire of U.S. imperialism and to maintain the post-invasion relations of colonial domination and subjugation using "pragmatic" combinations of political deception and military repression. On the other hand, the aim of the Iraqi national liberation struggle is, as in the past, the aim of overthrowing the yoke of U.S. colonial oppression and the restoration of the independence and sovereignty of the country.

It is the aggressive U.S. war the government is waging that aims at colonizing Iraq which is the sole source of the crisis and suffering in Iraq. The attempt of the two parties to install a client regime of Iraqi nationals has now been represented as a failure by consecutive administrations in Washington throughout a full sixteen and a half years since the “victory" of the U.S. invasion was declared in 2003.

The current state of the U.S. capitalist ruling class exit plans was given by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a November 18 policy speech covering several fronts of the U.S. government's war program. Pompeo placed the blame for the all-sided crisis in Iraq on the country's post-invasion institutions and promoted the same chauvinism and imperialist objectives as have been put forward by the two parties since before the invasion of 2003.

According to the speech, "For the last few weeks, the United States has watched the protests very, very closely. We support the Iraqi people as they strive for a prosperous Iraq that is free of corruption and Iranian malign influence. We've stated clearly that Iraq's leaders must protect human rights as Iraqis lift their voices to secure a flourishing democracy.

“Our calls are consistent with the Trump administration's track record as being a force for good throughout Iraq. We have worked with the Iraqi security forces to take down the ISIS caliphate, and we will continue to make sure it cannot re-emerge.

"The United States remains the largest humanitarian donor to Iraq, providing more than $2 billion in food, water, medicine, and shelter since 2014 alone. And we are the largest donor as well to stabilization, rebuilding more than 500 schools, 100 health centers, 50 water treatment plants, with many more projects coming online soon.

"Now our commitment continues. We will not stand idle while the corrupt officials make the Iraqi people suffer. Today, I am affirming the United States will use our legal authorities to sanction corrupt individuals that are stealing Iraqis' wealth and those killing and wounding peaceful protesters.

"Like the Iraqi people taking to the streets today, our sanctions will not discriminate between religious sect or ethnicity. They will simply target those who do wrong to the Iraqi people, no matter who they are."

In short, the Trump administration is resorting to the flimsiest of excuses to continue the war. U.S. troops will trample on relentlessly in service of the mission of turning Iraq into a protectorate – a colony. The U.S. will continue to rely on the savage methods of U.S. imperialism which have reflected its colonial aims from the start of the war.

In the face of the Hitlerite tactics of Operation Inherent Resolve, the Iraqi people have been coming out again and again, organized in political and military struggles against U.S. occupation and for the salvation of their country. In their struggle against the U.S. and allied forces working to reestablish their colonial rule over Iraq, the Iraqi people are and will continue their resistance until they throw the occupiers out of their country and regain their sovereignty. This struggle is directed against U.S. and world imperialism and deserves the support of everyone.