Anti-DPRK "Resolution" of UN Human Rights Council Rebuked

The following article is reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency.

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) – A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry Monday gave the following answer to a question put by KCNA as regards the adoption of an anti-DPRK "resolution" at the recent UN Human Rights Council session:

Another anti-DPRK "resolution" based on falsity and fabrication was adopted at the 16th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Such political swindle, conducted by the U.S. and its followers every year, only invites accusation and irony of the progressive mankind.

The DPRK decisively rejects the adoption of the "resolution", a product of their inveterate denial and hostile policy toward the Korean-style socialist system centered on the popular masses, as the height of politicization and selection of human rights and double standards.

The world is now witnessing inhumane crimes of the "human rights judges" who mercilessly trample upon the sovereignty of an independent state and make indiscriminate raids on the base of its people's life under the signboard of "protection of human rights".

Those forces will surely face a stern punishment by history as they abuse the noble conception of human rights for their sinister political supremacy, not for global peace and wellbeing of mankind.

The more viciously the hostile forces slander the DPRK, the more its people will remain true to the Songun politics, the banner for defence of its sovereignty and prosperity, with the high pride of the ideology and system chosen by themselves.