July 2nd Illegal and Hostile Actions Singled Out Bolivia

July 7, 2013

Throughout Latin America and the world, governments and peoples are denouncing the illegal and hostile actions of July 2nd which constituted a flagrant violation of the sovereign rights of the Bolivian people and disrupted the air travel of Bolivian President Evo Morales across Europe.

On July 2, in violation of international law and all the elementary norms and standards of relations between states, President Morales' airplane was denied access to the airspace of France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. As a result the plane was forced to re-route to Vienna at which time the Austrian authorities proclaimed the "right" to search the plane for U.S. political refugee Edward Snowden. The Bolivian president and his companions were forced to wait for 13 hours before continuing their flight to Bolivia.

These grave and unprecedented provocations are components of the Austrian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish governments' policies of cooperating with the U.S. government in its illegal international hunt after a political refugee. Together with the U.S., these countries are not only guilty of tearing down the edifice of international law with respect to the rights of political refugees and the elementary norms of relations between states, but also of violating the sovereign rights of the Bolivian people.