John Kerry Urges Use of Force to Target Elected Representatives of the Palestinian People

July 8, 2014

Prior to Israel's June 12th launch of "Operation Brother's Keeper," John Kerry announced the U.S. State Department's unequivocal opposition to plans for the formation of a Palestinian Authority to include Palestinian representatives who do not 1) recognize in perpetuity the state of Israel, and 2) renounce resistance to Israeli occupation and aggression.

This, despite the fact that representatives from Hamas and other political parties opposed to those positions already serve as representatives of the Palestinian people.

In the days since June 12th Israel has already carried out "house cleaning" operations resulting in the arrest of at least 422 Palestinians in the West Bank, many of whom are political leaders. Israel is also continuing to carry out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and to occupy parts of the West Bank with close to 40 battalions engaged in demolishing homes and rounding up Palestinians.

John Kerry's deeds reveal his true convictions about the sovereign rights of the Palestinian people.