John Kerry Claims Afghans Should "Celebrate" U.S. Occupation

August 22, 2016

Even as the Afghan nation's own institutions remain solidly in place throughout the country after 15 years of brutal aggression by the U.S. and NATO, U.S. officials repeatedly express their determination to continue the war.

As displayed in a recent presentation, John Kerry's enthusiasm for the 97th anniversary of Afghan independence from British colonialism was greatly roused by the U.S. commitment to continue the war indefinitely. In an August 19 press release, Obama's Secretary of State displayed his fanaticism by crediting 15 years of U.S.-NATO aggression with bringing the people of Afghanistan "much to celebrate." According to Kerry, "Despite the many challenges Afghanistan has faced and the many sacrifices endured, there is much to celebrate today. The Afghan people have made tremendous strides over the last 15 years."

While waging full-scale war in Afghanistan with the aim of subjugating the people, imperialism would also like to create the fiction of formal political independence. Under this system, the U.S. would carry out the exploitation of the people through an alliance with the internal capitalist and landlord classes. But it is precisely these aggressive imperialist aims which have impelled the people to come out in their millions and tens of millions to oppose the war on Afghanistan and U.S. imperialism's entire terrorist blueprint for world domination.

In fact, Kerry's preaching is directed first and foremost against the American people. Kerry is reading the riot act to any anti-war activists who continue to build up their independent organizations and to target the imperialist system as the source of war.

Nevertheless, the people of Afghanistan and the world are preparing celebrations of an entirely different kind than Kerry and the rest of Obama's cabinet have in mind. What the future has in store is plain for all to see. The U.S. and NATO are well on their way to defeat in Afghanistan. They will be compelled against their will to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and to experience the collapse of all their efforts to build a colonial regime.

Today, the victories of the Afghan people on the battlefield are not only defeating the U.S.-NATO aggressors and their internal allies, they are also serving to undermine the entire war program of U.S. imperialism and to expose the fact that the capitalist-imperialist system stands in irreconcilable contradiction with all of humanity.